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08/31/2015 05:45 PM
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : I think this girl likes me but I don't know what to say to her to start talking to her all I say is what's up, what else should I say?

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08/31/2015 01:16 PM
'Important Part' of WWII History Found 80 Feet Below
The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands are a chain of almost entirely uninhabited islands, atolls, and shoals that stretch across some 1,250 miles of the Pacific. Amid that large expanse has slumbered what's considered the largest shipwreck to have occurred in the islands: the Mission San Miguel, a naval tanker used...
08/30/2015 09:22 PM
Victims of Lead Poisoning Are Losing Millions
In the late-'80s and early '90s, thousands of children living in Baltimore tenements were being diagnosed with lead poisoning every year. Two decades later, the Washington Post digs into the "little-noticed, effectively unregulated netherworld of structured settlements"—and the structured settlement companies that are making millions of dollars off these...
08/30/2015 11:46 AM
Scientist: We Need Mars to Be Liberated of Earth
With plans to send humans to Mars in the works , one astrobiologist says the time to prevent an interplanetary version of the Revolutionary War is now. Jacob Haqq-Misra, who works for a nonprofit dedicated to promoting international unity in space, lays out his plan for a completely independent Mars in...
08/29/2015 09:28 PM
Stinky Chicken Manure Costs Golf Club Owner $100K
Last year, the owner of a Southern California golf club allegedly created a month-long stench in his Escondido neighborhood by spreading five tons of raw chicken manure over the closed golf course. Now, following dozens of complaints from neighbors, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports Michael Schlesinger has agreed to pay...
08/29/2015 10:45 AM
Teacher Late 111 Times Blames Breakfast
An elementary school teacher who was allowed to keep his job despite being late for work 111 times in two years says that breakfast is to blame for his tardiness. "I have a bad habit of eating breakfast in the morning, and I lost track of time," 15-year veteran teacher...

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Odd News Headlines - Yahoo News
08/31/2015 02:58 PM
Bartender finds $20 bill, wins $1 million California lottery with it
(Reuters) - A Bay Area man who found a $20 bill on a street outside San Francisco International Airport used it to play the California lottery and won $1 million, a lottery spokesman said on Monday. Hubert Tang used the lucky bill to buy two scratcher tickets at a store near the airport on Wednesday and won the top prize with one of them, lottery spokesman Greg Parashak said. Tang, a bartender at the airport, had not played the lottery in about a decade before using the found money to buy two tickets, Parashak said.
08/31/2015 02:18 PM
$20 found in San Francisco leads to $1 million lottery win
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A San Francisco Bay Area man won $1 million in the California Lottery after buying a winning ticket with money he found at the airport.
08/31/2015 11:04 AM
Migrants bike into Norway at remote Arctic border crossing
HELSINKI (AP) — As Europe grapples with record-breaking numbers of migrants, a trickle of asylum seekers from Syria and the Mediterranean region have found an unlikely route: Through Russia to a remote Arctic border post in Norway, partly on bicycles.
08/31/2015 09:14 AM
Alleged Facebook mention in prayer call sparks Egypt outcry
CAIRO (AP) — Egyptians in a Nile Delta province were outraged on Sunday after a cleric allegedly changed a line in the traditional Islamic call to prayer to mention Facebook.
08/31/2015 09:06 AM
2 arrested for enjoying meal on boat while family slept
NORWALK, Conn. (AP) — Police in Connecticut have charged two people they say broke into a boat at a Norwalk marina to enjoy a fast food meal and take some selfies while a family of five slept on board.
Direct From The Onion
The Onion
08/31/2015 04:40 PM
American Voices: Mt. McKinley To Be Renamed Denali

As part of his visit to Alaska this week, President Obama will officially change the name of Mt. McKinley back to its original and native name, Denali, a decision praised by Alaska residents who have long fought for the name reversal. What do you think?

08/31/2015 04:18 PM
Editorial Cartoon: Suppers And Downers

08/31/2015 03:48 PM
Sportsgraphic: Strongside/Weakside: Serena Williams

08/31/2015 02:33 PM
News in Brief: Ted Cruz Worried All The Good Countries To Wall Off Taken By Other Candidates

TIPTON, IA—Following Gov. Scott Walker’s recent endorsement of building a fence along the Canadian border, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reportedly worried Monday that all the good foreign countries to wall off from the U.S. had already been taken by other GOP candidates. “Sheesh, the rest of the guys snatched up the best countries right away and now all that’s left to barricade ourselves off from are a few crummy islands,” said Cruz, who appeared visibly distressed upon realizing that, in order to gain attention on the issue of immigration, he was now stuck with backing a plan to build a U.S. border wall in the middle of the Caribbean Sea to keep out undocumented Bahamian citizens. “Boy, I should have jumped on a better option when I still had the chance—it’s down to slim pickings now. Hmm, maybe I can say it would ...

08/31/2015 02:31 PM
News in Brief: Santorum Nostalgic For Time When Beliefs Were Outlandish Enough To Make Headlines

WASHINGTON—Wistfully recalling the prominence he had in previous campaign cycles, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum told reporters Monday that he is nostalgic for a time when his beliefs were considered outlandish enough to make headlines. “I sure do miss the days when I could steal the spotlight just by saying that I believe birth control is wrong because sex must be procreative, or that Palestinians don’t actually exist,” said Santorum, lamenting that previous comments about not wanting to improve the lives of African Americans by “giving them somebody else’s money” made him sound like just another member of the 2016 GOP pack. “Back in 2003, capturing the media cycle for a few days was as easy as telling the press that I believe same-sex relationships are equivalent to man-on-dog sex. Now, even if that got reported, people would think it was Cruz, Rubio, or Carson half the ...

Headlines From UPI Odd News -
08/31/2015 03:01 PM
Alabama fishermen redefine 'catfishing' with kitten catch
Ben Hooper
HOOVER, Ala., Aug. 31 (UPI) -- Two men out fishing on an Alabama river captured video of their unexpected catch -- a pair of kittens that swam up to their boat.
08/31/2015 02:03 PM
Man jailed four months over 'meth' that turned out to be salt
Ben Hooper
MARYBOROUGH, Australia, Aug. 31 (UPI) -- An Australian man caught with suspected crystal meth spent four months in jail before investigators discovered the substance was Epsom salt.
08/31/2015 01:13 PM
Alaskan grizzly bear takes a swipe at GoPro camera
Ben Hooper
JUNEAU, Alaska, Aug. 31 (UPI) -- A naturalist shooting video of a grizzly bear in Alaska captured footage of the perturbed bruin taking out a GoPro camera with an annoyed swipe of his paw.
08/31/2015 01:03 PM
Minor-league game delayed by dachshund's mad dash
Ben Hooper
EL PASO, Texas, Aug. 31 (UPI) -- A search for "El Paso's Fastest Wiener" during a minor-league baseball game in Texas turned into a delay when a runaway dachshund decided to tour the field.
08/31/2015 12:05 PM
Porcupine wards off hungry leopard in South Africa
Ben Hooper
KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, South Africa, Aug. 31 (UPI) -- A safari tour group in South Africa's Kruger National Park captured footage of an unlucky leopard failing to find a meal in confronting a plucky porcupine.
08/31/2015 11:14 AM
Australia offers tourists app-controlled 'GIGA Selfies'
Ben Hooper
CANBERRA, Australia, Aug. 31 (UPI) -- Tourism Australia is seeking to attract selfie-loving Japanese visitors with "GIGA Selfies," cameras that take far-off photos of tourists via a smartphone app.
Cracked: All Posts
08/31/2015 03:00 AM
Where Are They Now: 90s Websites
By Cody Johnston,Adam Ganser  Published: August 31st, 2015 

08/31/2015 03:00 AM
19 Bizarre Habits Of Incredibly Successful People
By CRACKED Readers  Published: August 31st, 2015 

08/31/2015 03:00 AM
8 Insane Things I Did After Being Kidnapped By Terrorists
By Robert Evans,Singer Smith  Published: August 31st, 2015 RSS
08/31/2015 04:30 PM
City declares Trump "unstable" and "unsafe". No chance of swaying their opinion [Amusing]
Amusing [link] [17 comments]

08/31/2015 04:13 PM
Good: Installing misting showers to keep your guests cool. Bad: Installing misting showers to keep your guests cool at Auschwitz [Facepalm]
Facepalm [link] [108 comments]

08/31/2015 04:00 PM
Photoshop Challenge: Show us your best graffiti skillz [Photoshop]
Photoshop [link] [40 comments]

08/31/2015 03:58 PM
Man dares agents to stop him from sexually assaulting girl later that evening. Authorities: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED [Dumbass]
Dumbass [link] [54 comments]

08/31/2015 03:54 PM
Ashley Madison says they're signing up tons of completely real, not at all fake, new users [Unlikely]
Unlikely [link] [30 comments]

08/31/2015 03:24 PM
Are you male, like to wear a chastity belt to work, and diapers and a horse tail during foreplay? Then you might qualify to the be the top administrator for the Nassau County District Attorney's Office. Tag is for NY politicians [Weird]
Weird [link] [68 comments]

08/31/2015 03:22 PM
Revenge: Sweet, sweet onion teriyaki-covered revenge [CSB]
CSB [link] [37 comments]

08/31/2015 03:19 PM
The lake it is said never gives up her dead, when the ghostbusters chase them around the Edmund Fitzgerald exhibit [Strange]
Strange [link] [29 comments]

08/31/2015 03:15 PM
No officer, you don't understand. My dog IS muzzled right now [Scary]
Scary [link] [31 comments]

08/31/2015 03:13 PM
Pissed that a car dealership refuses to compensate you after your brand new Land Rover spontaneously combusted? Just block the entrance with your Batmobile [Weird]
Weird [link] [15 comments]

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