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07/29/2015 12:47 AM
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Stalker! Ex BF in danger and I am scared. Random numbers texting me?
I'm in a legal situation and have a protective order against some guy. This happened about a week ago. Since then, four different numbers have texted me threatening my ex I was with for three years. This creep somehow got my number and my exes and says all this racist stuff towards us because I am white and he is black. My ex stupidly met up with him and got in a little fight. These different numbers all have one thing in common which is they're talking about the same thing. Tonight, this number text me a pic of my exes car saying "I'm waiting for him" and I looked at the pic he sent me and it said it's from "text free" which is a texting app. This shows me it's the same guy. I wonder if this guy is related to the guy I have a protective order against. Any ideas? I'm no longer with my ex obviously but I still really care for him. I really need ideas.

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07/28/2015 05:07 PM
Why This 'Golden Child' Tried to Have Her Parents Killed
In January, Jennifer Pan learned she would be in prison until 2035 before she gets a shot at parole: The 28-year-old Canadian was handed two life sentences for the murder of her mother and attempted murder of her father. Six months later, a 5,200-word Toronto Life feature penned by...
07/26/2015 09:33 AM
Black Cop: Why I Helped That White Supremacist
Leroy Smith is a man as caught between two realities as the state he serves: Earlier this month, the African-American state trooper donned a civilian suit to watch as South Carolina rolled up the Confederate flag flying over its state Capitol; as the New York Times reports in a profile,...
07/25/2015 05:29 PM
Heartwarming Photo Saves 2 Dogs' Lives
Things weren't look good for Kala and Keira, two rescue dogs in a shelter near Atlanta. They were due to be euthanized at the end of the day Tuesday—until the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue Center posted an image of the two hugging on Facebook . About two hours after...
07/25/2015 03:55 PM
With Pet Cemetery Doomed, a Classy Act Emerges
A highway expansion in Oklahoma City will wipe out an old pet cemetery, but the more unusual part of the story is the effort that state officials are making out of respect to the animals. They're reaching out to the public—a construction engineer put up an ad on Craigslist...
07/25/2015 12:00 PM
Set Foot on This Island and You May Not Leave Alive
Sometimes paradise is better off lost: Off the coast of India in the Bay of Bengal, a Manhattan-size island called North Sentinel Island boasts a deep green canopy of trees, stretches of sandy beaches, coral reef barriers—and a population that's decidedly hostile to outsiders, who aren't likely to live...

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Odd News Headlines - Yahoo News
07/28/2015 11:38 PM
Ohio State coach Meyer, mascot celebrated in butter at fair
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Winning another national championship has made Urban Meyer a butter man.
07/28/2015 10:58 PM
Diner en Blanc: New York leads world's biggest popup picnic

People dressed in white have dinner on Pier 26 along the Hudson River during the Diner en Blanc event, Tuesday, July 28, 2015, in New York. Thousands of people attended the world's largest popup picnic, at a location revealed at the last moment. (AP Photo/Verena Dobnik)NEW YORK (AP) — Five thousand people dressed in white got together for the world's largest popup picnic at a location revealed only at the last moment.

07/28/2015 09:45 PM
Former 41-pound fat cat in Texas slims down to 19 pounds

This photo provided by the HEAL Veterinary Hospital & Pet Rehabilitation shows Skinny, who when found wandering near Dallas in 2012 weighed in at 41 pounds. Dr. Brittney Barton says the orange tabby she adopted in 2013 has slimmed to 19 pounds with exercise and a special diet. (Jana Hipp via HEAL Veterinary Hospital & Pet Rehabilitation via AP)DALLAS (AP) — A former 41-pound cat dubbed Skinny has lost more than half of his weight to become the darling of a Dallas veterinary clinic.

07/28/2015 06:23 PM
Zimbabwe: American being sought for lion poaching

Cecil the lionHARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zimbabwean police said Tuesday they are searching for an American who allegedly shot a well-known, protected lion known as Cecil with a crossbow in a killing that has outraged conservationists and others.

07/28/2015 04:48 PM
Scott Walker orders American on cheesesteaks, avoiding gaffe

Republican presidential candidate, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sits with voters, Tuesday, July 28, 2015, during a campaign stop at Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The governor of the nation's top cheese-producing state visited the capital of cheesesteaks on Tuesday and ordered two topped with American, skipping the customary Cheez Whiz but avoiding the blunder of a former presidential candidate who was ridiculed for wanting his with Swiss.

Direct From The Onion
The Onion
07/28/2015 05:17 PM
American Voices: Boston Pulls Bid For 2024 Olympics

After months of failing to gain public support among taxpayers who fear they will foot the bill for the event, bidding group Boston 2024 ended its initiative to bring the Olympic Games to Boston, with many speculating that Los Angeles will soon mount its own bid to host. What do you think?

07/28/2015 03:45 PM
Infographic: What It Costs To Host The Olympic Games

Boston announced this week it will pull its bid for the 2024 Olympics, due in part to the huge costs associated with the games that could become a taxpayer burden. Here is a breakdown of what the Olympics cost their host cities:

  • $300 million: Regulation track-and-field stadium the entire community will be able to enjoy for decades to come
  • $5,000: Licensing rights for blue, yellow, black, and red Olympic rings
  • $870,000: Licensing rights for green Olympic ring
  • $9,000: Hedge that looks like a guy running
  • $65,000: Gymnast feed and trough
  • $50,000: Quietly burying another Bob Costas sex scandal
  • $18 million: Thrown straight into Olympic flame as tinder
  • $50,000: Incinerating bodies of athletes who perished during event
  • $600,000: Water wasted by Olympic divers showering off between heats
  • $28: Dry cleaning for Olympic mascot suit
  • $175,000: Study delineating exact ways hosting Olympics will devastate ...

07/28/2015 02:47 PM
News in Brief: Woman Relieved Soulmate Turned Out To Be In Same Socioeconomic Bracket

SAN JOSE, CA—Noting how lucky she was to have finally found the one she was meant to be with forever, local woman Julie Winters told reporters Tuesday she was relieved that her true soulmate also happened to have the same socioeconomic status as she does. “From the moment I met David, I knew we were kindred spirits who were destined to be together, and it’s just such a relief that his income mirrors mine so well,” said Winters, adding that she breathed much easier upon realizing the person she had been waiting for her whole life was also a white-collar professional earning approximately $75,000 per year. “It’s also reassuring to know there really aren’t any glaring gaps in educational background between me and the only man I could ever love. I’m such a lucky girl!” Winters went on to say she was especially relieved ...

07/28/2015 02:00 PM
News in Brief: Resolute Congress Passes Second Amendment Again

WASHINGTON—Easily securing the requisite two-thirds majorities in the House and Senate, a resolute United States Congress responded to the ongoing national debate on gun rights Tuesday by passing the Second Amendment again. “This is a very important issue, and I’m glad Democrats and Republicans were able to work together to take swift action,” said Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, joining members of both houses in celebrating the measure’s nearly unanimous approval less than a week after a mass shooting in a Louisiana movie theater. “The amendment now goes out to the legislatures of each state, where we’re confident it will be quickly ratified.” McConnell added that, as further episodes of gun violence continue to shape the discussion surrounding firearms, Congress would not rule out passing the Second Amendment as many times as necessary.

07/28/2015 01:14 PM
News in Brief: Overcrowded GOP Field Forces Iowa To Construct Massive Town Hall Stadium

DES MOINES, IA—In an effort to accommodate the tremendous influx of presidential candidates pouring into the state, Iowa Republican Party officials announced Tuesday the construction of a massive town hall stadium to play host to the campaigning. “Our state’s current gymnasium and VFW hall infrastructure is simply insufficient to handle the sheer volume of stump speeches and Q&A sessions that we expect from this vast field of GOP candidates, but this 2.3-million-square-foot arena will help meet that demand,” said Iowa Republican Party chairman Jeff Kaufmann, adding that the immense town hall stadium will have enough space for 80,000 folding chairs and a large central stage capable of holding all 16 Republican candidates at once. “This state-of-the-art politicking facility will be outfitted with over 30,000 microphones and microphone stands, allowing the multitude of GOP presidential hopefuls to field pre-approved questions from the audience.” Kaufmann added that ...

Headlines From UPI Odd News -
07/28/2015 04:16 PM
English man refuses to be sentenced in Wales due to thick accents
Ben Hooper
SWANSEA, Wales, July 28 (UPI) -- A convicted drug dealer from England refused to travel to Wales for his sentencing because he can't understand the local accent.
07/28/2015 03:51 PM
World's oldest panda turns 37 with specially-made cake
Ben Hooper
HONG KONG, July 28 (UPI) -- A Hong Kong zoo's giant panda Jia Jia celebrated her 37th birthday by being dubbed the oldest-ever panda in captivity and eating a specially-made cake.
07/28/2015 03:24 PM
Bear beats the heat with a dip in California family's pool
Ben Hooper
MONROVIA, Calif., July 28 (UPI) -- A California woman snapped pictures of an uninvited pool guest that just couldn't bear the heat without an afternoon dip.
07/28/2015 02:42 PM
ATM-filling workers forget bag of $141,000 on a lawn
Ben Hooper
MAHWAH, N.J., July 28 (UPI) -- New Jersey authorities are searching for a man who walked off with $141,000 accidentally left on a lawn by workers refilling ATMs.
07/28/2015 01:33 PM
Kazakhstan drift racer takes enthusiastic 5-year-old for a ride
Ben Hooper
ASTANA, Kazakhstan, July 28 (UPI) -- A drift racer in Kazakhstan made his 5-year-old son into a viral star by taking him for a high-speed spin and filming his reaction with a dashboard camera.
07/28/2015 12:57 PM
Bouquet-seeking wedding guest drops baby
Ben Hooper
WELLINGTON, New Zealand, July 28 (UPI) -- A young wedding guest desperate to catch the bride's bouquet was caught on camera dropping a baby to dive for the flowers.
Cracked: All Posts
07/28/2015 03:00 AM
My Boyfriend Is Jesus: 7 Experiences Of A Nun
By Robert Evans,Anonymous,Isaac Cabe  Published: July 28th, 2015 

07/28/2015 03:00 AM
5 Ways College Screws Over Poor Kids
By J.F. Sargent,Natalie Vail  Published: July 28th, 2015 

07/28/2015 03:00 AM
'Entourage' Is So Bad Pirates Don't Want To Steal It
By Cody Johnston  Published: July 28th, 2015 RSS
07/29/2015 12:14 AM
Another reason child beauty pageants should be outlawed: They just crush the feelings of the little snowflakes when they think they've won and haven't [Stupid]
Stupid [link] [8 comments]

07/28/2015 11:57 PM
Oklahoma Governor has been hillbilly-shamed. Says daughter will move the trailer she has been living out of since April off the mansion's grounds as soon as she can get it off the concrete blocks and reinstall the wheels [Followup]
Followup [link] [17 comments]

07/28/2015 11:34 PM
Woman keeps her ever waiting Sphinx-shaped end-of-life pod in her front garden because you'll never know when you'll need it for the big trip [Weird]
Weird [link] [6 comments]

07/28/2015 11:22 PM
JCPenney deems female employee's outfit "too revealing," send her home to change. Difficulty: outfit purchased from JCPenney's career section [Ironic]
Ironic [link] [73 comments]

07/28/2015 10:28 PM
Caller: "Hello, 911? My friend has been shot and is dying. Please help. What should I do?" 911 dispatcher: (•_•) / ( •_•) ⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) "Deal with it" [Asinine]
Asinine [link] [83 comments]

07/28/2015 10:03 PM
Pentagon is preparing a list of the laboratories which did not get anthrax [Followup]
Followup [link] [19 comments]

07/28/2015 09:58 PM
Sixty-three years ago the Melbourne Argus became the first newspaper to print in full color. For our younger Farkers: A "newspaper" is a serial publication containing news printed on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper [Interesting]
Interesting [link] [13 comments]

07/28/2015 09:00 PM
Another routine traffic stop ends up with another black man dead, his face blown off. It was all caught on video, and what's on it is already causing Cincinnati to prepare for riots. Police Chief: "The video is not good" [News]
News [link] [422 comments]

07/28/2015 08:30 PM
Transportation Security Administration in action, or Transportation Security Administration inaction? [Fail]
Fail [link] [18 comments]

07/28/2015 08:10 PM
Pornhub gives us the lowdown on what women really want from porn... besides you leaving the room [Giggity]
Giggity [link] [105 comments]

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