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10/22/2014 08:11 AM
[ History ] Open Question : Why did god not stop world war 2? Why did he allow World War 2 and the holocaust?

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10/21/2014 12:20 PM
Brewer: I Bought All the Count Chocula to Make Beer
For some people in Fort Collins, the annual arrival of Count Chocula cereal is a highlight of the year. So when shoppers in the Colorado town went searching for the monster-themed marshmallow delicacy, they were perturbed that they couldn't find it at either of the local Albertsons locations. "Every year...
10/20/2014 09:26 AM
Scientists: Jack the Ripper ID Was Based on Error
Last month brought the news that Jack the Ripper had been identified , at least according to an amateur detective who claimed in a new book that DNA evidence from a blood-soaked shawl found near one of the victims pointed to a Polish immigrant named Aaron Kosminski. But Russell Edwards' claim...
10/19/2014 06:10 PM
Secret Service Agents Got 'Bombed' Before JFK Killing
Many blame the JFK assassination on roguish figures like Fidel Castro or the Mob, but few consider the Secret Service agents themselves—some of whom were out boozing til late the night before. Sound familiar? In the wake of recent Secret Service scandals, Vanity Fair reports that six agents were...
10/19/2014 09:31 AM
Archaeologists Uncover Giant Sphinx in Calif. Dunes
Archaeologists parted the sands in California to excavate one of the last remnants of old-time Hollywood: a giant plaster sphinx from the set of Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments . The director buried props from the epic movie (the 1923 silent black-and-white version, not the 1956 Charlton Heston blockbuster) in...
10/19/2014 08:33 AM
Home of Ancient Cult Found in Israel
Archeologists in Israel have discovered a 3,300-year-old complex where an ancient cult likely gathered, UPI reports. The complex, at a site known as Tel Burna, is made up of rooms surrounding a giant courtyard measuring 52 feet by 52 feet. It's not certain who the cult worshiped, but based...

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Odd News Headlines - Yahoo News
10/21/2014 07:59 PM
Elusive bobcat again escapes from New Jersey home
STAFFORD TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — A pet bobcat that has repeatedly escaped from its owner's southern New Jersey home is again on the loose.
10/21/2014 03:51 PM
Stinky seaweed piling up at upscale Laguna Beach
LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Warmer water and recent storm swells are to blame for mounds of stinky kelp piling up on the sand in the upscale Southern California resort city of Laguna Beach, scientists say.
10/21/2014 12:20 PM
New Mexico man's typo costs him thousands on bill
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico man says he made an error while paying his electric bill that led him to overpay by thousands of dollars.
10/21/2014 09:46 AM
Store clerk tells bandit to bug off with spray can
BERLIN, Pa. (AP) — A western Pennsylvania convenience store clerk told a would-be bandit to bug off by spraying the suspect with a can of insecticide.
10/20/2014 05:40 PM
Convicted murderer sues state over prison porn ban
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A convicted murderer sentenced to more than a half-century behind bars is suing the state of Connecticut, saying its ban on pornography in prison violates his constitutional rights.
Direct From The Onion
The Onion
10/21/2014 07:55 PM
Bud Selig Awoken From Cryosleep In Time For World Series
KANSAS CITY, MO—Explaining that these are the roughly 10 to 14 days each year during which he is not resting in a controlled state of suspended animation, sources confirmed Tuesday that Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig has been awoken fr...

10/21/2014 04:39 PM
American Voices: Led Zeppelin Accused Of Plagiarizing ‘Stairway To Heaven’
A judge has decided to allow a lawsuit claiming that Led Zeppelin plagiarized its iconic song “Stairway To Heaven,” which has earned more than $560 million in sales and royalties, from a track by Spirit, a band it once played concerts with.

10/21/2014 02:50 PM
Astronomers Celebrate 300th Anniversary Of Discovering Sky
PARIS—Commemorating one of the most important scientific findings in human history, astronomers around the world Monday celebrated the 300th anniversary of English physicist Edmund Weaver’s discovery of the sky.

10/21/2014 12:16 PM
New Election Ruling Allows Candidates To Remain Completely Anonymous Throughout Campaign
WASHINGTON—Explaining that the measure is intended to protect politicians’ right to free expression against undue scrutiny from the general population, a new ruling implemented this week by the Federal Election Commission allows candidates run...

10/21/2014 11:58 AM
American Voices: Funeral Home Offering Drive-Thru Open Casket Lane
A funeral home in Michigan has opened an open casket drive-thru lane where mourners in cars proceed to a window to pay their respects to the deceased for three minutes before driving away.

Headlines From RSS
10/22/2014 07:50 AM
Hookin' in the boys room / Hookin' in the boys room / Nah, teacher don't you fill me up with your rules / 'Cause everybody knows that hookin' ain't allowed in school [Strange]
Strange [link] [7 comments]

10/22/2014 07:36 AM
Man with "meaningful" tattoos from ankles to neck is shocked , SHOCKED that ambulance company did not hire him after interview. Wants this outrage fixed by local news reporters [Dumbass]
Dumbass [link] [33 comments]

10/22/2014 06:56 AM
Artisanal ice. It's just regular ice but bartenders market it to justify high prices of their drinks and they know hipsters will pay for it [Stupid]
Stupid [link] [42 comments]

10/22/2014 06:28 AM
Another day, another possible data breach. This time at Staples. Hackers: "That was easy" [Fail]
Fail [link] [12 comments]

10/22/2014 06:00 AM
Caption these politicians [Caption]
Caption [link] [13 comments]

10/22/2014 02:32 AM
Today's Fark-ready headline: Drunken trombone-playing clown fires gun from garage [Weird]
Weird [link] [23 comments]

10/22/2014 02:01 AM
Go Beavers. Trojan rates Oregon State as the college with the best sexual health [Amusing]
Amusing [link] [24 comments]

10/22/2014 01:49 AM
Britain's dental health experts report children as young as three are suffering from severe tooth decay. This is shocking - who knew there were dental health experts in Britain? [Sad]
Sad [link] [36 comments]

10/22/2014 01:14 AM
Things I don't want to see together in a headline: "Clowns" and "sex toys" [Scary]
Scary [link] [50 comments]

10/22/2014 12:34 AM
Colorado grocery store is completely sold out of Count Chocula cereal. Because one guy uses it to brew beer [Spiffy]
Spiffy [link] [45 comments]

10/21/2014 10:29 PM
Latest nail in the coffin for traditional taxis: minorities prefer Uber and Lyft because they don't racially discriminate against them [Cool]
Cool [link] [154 comments]

10/21/2014 10:12 PM
If you're going to steal merchandise from a store and flee on foot, make sure it's not an outdoor store manned by a pack of hyperfit ultramarathoners [Amusing]
Amusing [link] [43 comments]

10/21/2014 10:04 PM
Paralyzed man walks again after having nasal tissue injected into his spine, is expected to be running constantly by cold and flu season [Cool]
Cool [link] [38 comments]

10/21/2014 09:20 PM
People under 35 do not like eating food from the freezer. Unless you call vodka and ice food [Cool]
Cool [link] [139 comments]

10/21/2014 08:00 PM
Photoshop this melty glass and nail art vase thingee [Photoshop]
Photoshop [link] [27 comments]

10/21/2014 07:16 PM
The key to happiness is lorem ipsum [Amusing]
Amusing [link] [63 comments]

10/21/2014 06:56 PM
Two people quit their day jobs to take photos of their dog playing dress-up. Sadly, they're wildly successful [Spiffy]
Spiffy [link] [34 comments]

10/21/2014 06:50 PM
Experimental Ebola vaccine could be ready for testing as soon as January. It would've been ready sooner, but someone left open the doors to the barn where they kept the horses they were going to test it on [Obvious]
Obvious [link] [57 comments]

10/21/2014 06:30 PM
Painter of Light's original gallery turning off the lights [Ironic]
Ironic [link] [76 comments]

10/21/2014 06:22 PM
Jesus saves, but every once in a while he's willing to splurge on dinner for his "wife" [Stupid]
Stupid [link] [31 comments]

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