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09/17/2014 11:36 PM
[ Law Enforcement & Police ] Open Question : Can a cop give tickets to 2 motorcyclists for speeding if he only clocks rider in front?

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09/17/2014 04:33 PM
Cult Is Gone to Suicide, but Website Lives On
Members of the Heaven's Gate cult drank lethal doses of poison 17 years ago so they could be picked up by an alien spaceship and taken to the "next level" of life. But the mass suicide didn't apply to the group's website , which is still in operation, reports Gizmodo . In...
09/17/2014 03:00 PM
In Prison, Keeping Order Is Up to Gangs
An in-depth look at prison gangs in the Atlantic shows that the groups aren't just forces of feuding and violence—they're actually central to the structure of prison life. "Prison gangs end up providing governance in a brutal but effective way,” a researcher tells Graeme Wood. "They impose responsibility on...
09/17/2014 10:04 AM
Man Ordered to Pay $5K for Taking Woman's Virginity
A Chinese woman's virginity is worth $5,000, at least in this instance. A woman referred to only by her surname Chen was awarded that amount yesterday by a Chinese court after she sued a man she was dating (and later learned was married) for "violating her right to virginity....
09/17/2014 09:07 AM
Saudi Man Told to Pony Up iPhone 6 in Order to Marry
Before he can marry his fiancee, a Saudi man must provide her with a phone that's not even on the market yet, according to her brother. The brother has set an iPhone 6 as the price of marriage, Gulf News reports, though the would-be bride's father had earlier asked only...
09/17/2014 06:37 AM
Divers Find Ghost Ships Near San Francisco
Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just spent five days uncovering three historic shipwrecks dating back to the decades following the Gold Rush. More than 300 ships are thought to have wrecked in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, which spans 1,300 square miles off...

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09/17/2014 06:28 PM
Police: Video shows man used banana to rob store
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Police in Philadelphia say a man used a banana he swiped from a convenience store counter to simulate a gun while he robbed the place.
09/17/2014 03:15 PM
Mayor offers to help McGraw find Portland, Maine

Country singer Tim McGraw performs on stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014, in New York. (Photo by Brad Barket/Invision/AP)PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Portland, Maine? Tim McGraw doesn't know where it is. And he doesn't want to know, either.

09/17/2014 02:30 PM
Tiny Hamster Takes On Kobayashi in 'Hot Dog' Eating Contest
Takeru Kobayashi has destroyed heaping amounts of food and numerous challengers over the years as a competitive eater. He once ate 110 hot dogs in 10 minutes. He smashed a world record when he ate 97 hamburgers in 94 seconds. The burgers were slider-sized, but still, it's impressive. Even though it has been a few years since he has participated in competitive eating's largest event, Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest, he's still getting his name out there in the gustatory world. His newest challenger is the hungriest — and tiniest — yet.
09/17/2014 02:20 PM
Florida city reverses ban on saggy pants that threatened jail time
By Barbara Liston ORLANDO Fla. (Reuters) - Saggy pants are a fashion choice and not a police concern, a Florida city has decided, rescinding a two-month-old ban that threatened jail time for styles intentionally exposing underwear or buttocks. Responding to criticism of a law seen as targeting young black males, the Ocala city council voted 4-1 on Tuesday to rescind the ban it had approved in July. ...
09/17/2014 02:03 PM
Man at Texas Chick-fil-A pays $1K to treat diners
ABILENE, Texas (AP) — A generous customer has paid $1,000 to pick up the tab for diners in dozens of vehicles at the drive-thru lanes of a West Texas fast-food restaurant.
Direct From The Onion
The Onion
09/17/2014 05:30 PM
American Voices: Study: Liberals, Conservatives Smell Different
According to new research, people with liberal political affiliations and people with conservative views have slightly different body odors, which may make people with similar political viewpoints more attractive to each other.

09/17/2014 04:50 PM
Infographic: How Public Schools Spend Taxpayer Money
Public school districts in the United States receive billions of taxpayer dollars in state and federal funding every year to pay for teacher salaries, school bus transportation, building maintenance, counseling services, and more.

09/17/2014 02:55 PM
Highly Touted Terrorist Prospect Weighing Multiple Recruitment Offers
AL-BUKAMAL, SYRIA—Saying that he does not want to rush such an important life decision, highly touted terrorist prospect Mansur al-Hawrani told reporters Wednesday that he is continuing to carefully weigh recruitment offers from several radical Isla...

09/17/2014 02:25 PM
BREAKING: Adrian Peterson Deactivated By Family
MINNEAPOLIS—Following mounting allegations of child abuse against the six-time Pro Bowl running back, sources confirmed Wednesday that Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson has been officially deactivated by his family.

09/17/2014 01:20 PM
More Cities Using Text-Based Alert System To Warn Americans If They Are In Range Of NFL Players
WASHINGTON—In an effort to provide the general public with critical safety information in a timely manner, sources confirmed Wednesday that an increasing number of U.S.

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09/17/2014 10:57 PM
Live rundown of anti-terror operation in Sydney, 800 police officers involved. Plot to behead member of the public revealed [News]
News [link] [79 comments]

09/17/2014 10:53 PM
Why waste valuable time while waiting to pick the schoolchildren up in your coach, just perform a sex act on yourself [Sick]
Sick [link] [13 comments]

09/17/2014 10:43 PM
It's not a tum...wait a moment. I'm being told by my producer that it is, in fact, a tumor [Followup]
Followup [link] [20 comments]

09/17/2014 10:39 PM
Scotland could end up becoming England's Mexico. Or Canada, not sure [Ironic]
Ironic [link] [31 comments]

09/17/2014 10:29 PM
"First rule: Don't burn the driver's armpit hair, especially when the vehicle's moving" [Silly]
Silly [link] [5 comments]

09/17/2014 09:33 PM
So...who gets Scotland's nuclear arsenal? Or will they just sell it to the highest bidder in order to have some kind of capital to fall back on? [Scary]
Scary [link] [66 comments]

09/17/2014 09:15 PM
Woman successfully boards plane to NYC, despite having a boarding pass with another person's name on it. A man's name, no less [Amusing]
Amusing [link] [39 comments]

09/17/2014 08:37 PM
Michigan teenager describes her relationship with her parents as "better...we actually have a stronger relationship, now." That's after trying to burn her house down after her arranged engagement to a dude overseas [Scary]
Scary [link] [52 comments]

09/17/2014 08:00 PM
Photoshop this disapproving baby [Photoshop]
Photoshop [link] [20 comments]

09/17/2014 07:30 PM
Mobile Fark has a new look - come check it out and let us know what you think [PSA]
PSA [link] [411 comments]

09/17/2014 07:23 PM
The Parent Television Council has watched hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of naked people on television in order to come up with the conclusion that there are way too many naked people on television [Silly]
Silly [link] [71 comments]

09/17/2014 07:18 PM
Meet the woman who is the last surviving food taster for Adolf Hitler [Interesting]
Interesting [link] [46 comments]

09/17/2014 06:55 PM
From the "Seriously, what the fark is wrong with people?" File: women increasingly undergoing plastic surgery to remove their "boot bulge" which is basically any suggestion that the human calf is rounded in any way [Asinine]
Asinine [link] [107 comments]

09/17/2014 06:22 PM
Moving a child from southern Sudan to a wealthy L.A. school reduces their measles and pertussis risk. Wait. Reverse that [Dumbass]
Dumbass [link] [48 comments]

09/17/2014 06:09 PM
There is evil, and then there is "Hell is building a whole new wing just for you": 15 children have reportedly died in rebel-held areas of Syria after receiving vaccination with a measles vaccine that was apparently tainted or deliberately poisoned [
Sick [link] [74 comments]

09/17/2014 05:43 PM
Airline "Passenger Shaming" is now a thing [Amusing]
Amusing [link] [125 comments]

09/17/2014 05:37 PM
Canada has the 'Looney'. The US has the 'Greenback'. What's a good name for an independent Scotland's new currency? [Amusing]
Amusing [link] [184 comments]

09/17/2014 05:28 PM
Worker falls through roof during London fashion show. Models all remain expressionless [Scary]
Scary [link] [19 comments]

09/17/2014 05:06 PM
$68 million in meth and heroin smuggled in fish shipment. Customs officials reportedly became suspicious as the frozen fillets were still twitching [Misc]
Misc [link] [11 comments]

09/17/2014 04:56 PM
You can tell by the pixels, Beyoncé [Fail]
Fail [link] [113 comments]

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