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05/27/2015 01:29 AM
[ Other - Yahoo Products ] Open Question : Doi have a microphone n how do I turn it on?

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05/26/2015 03:02 PM
Senior Prank Involving 72K Ladybugs Ends Poorly
A new entry in the senior-prank-gone-awry category : A number of Maryland high school students found themselves on the wrong side of the law after allegedly breaking into their high school at 3:40am Wednesday and dispersing 72,000 ladybugs. The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office has identified seven suspects: Police...
05/26/2015 02:04 PM
Jon Stewart Has Been Helping Veterans on the Sly
Jon Stewart's last day on The Daily Show will be Aug. 6 , but there may be a few employees sticking around that he's been hiring on the sly: military veterans. In a surprise revelation in the New York Times , Stewart cops to a stealth "boot camp" he's been running for...
05/26/2015 01:34 PM
See How Rich You'd Be If You Had Eloped
As far as interactive calculators go, there are delightfully silly ones (this baby name one from Time is a prime—and addictive—example), and then there are ones that might make you want to cry. Slate's latest is the latter, at least for those married folks who spent a pretty...
05/26/2015 12:45 PM
Top-Secret JFK Files Coming Soon—Maybe
The 1992 JFK Records Act established that 40,000 documents relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy would be made public in October 2017. Now that the date is little more than two years away, seven archivists and technicians with top-secret security clearances have begun poring over the pages...
05/26/2015 12:24 PM
Sikh Man Breaks Protocol, Removes Turban to Help Boy
Harman Singh is a devout Sikh, meaning his turban stays on his head at all times when he's not in the privacy of his own home. But Singh broke religious protocol earlier this month when 5-year-old Daejon Pahia was hit by a car in Auckland, New Zealand. The 22-year-old rushed...

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Odd News Headlines - Yahoo News
05/26/2015 07:12 PM
'John Wayne Day' in Texas honors actor's 108th birthday

FILE - This 1978 file photo shows actor John Wayne. Wearing a brown plaid coat worn by Wayne in 1945's "Flame of Barbary Coast," Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has declared a day in honor of the quintessential screen cowboy as he presided over the Senate Tuesday, May 26, 2015. He declared it John Wayne Day in Texas to mark the Hollywood legend's 108th birthday and named the actor an honorary Texan. (AP Photo, File)AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Wearing a brown plaid coat worn by John Wayne in 1945's "Flame of Barbary Coast," Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has declared a day in honor of the quintessential screen cowboy.

05/26/2015 04:16 PM
Danish radio station defends killing baby rabbit live on air
A Danish radio station is defending a show during which the host killed a baby rabbit by hitting it with a bicycle pump, live on the air, saying it was intended to show the hypocrisy of animal lovers. The host, Asger Juhl, killed the baby rabbit, called Allan, "according to careful instructions by a professional animal caretaker from a Danish zoo", station 24/7 said on Tuesday. Euw! THEY should have a bicycle pump in their faces," Facebook user Melissa Rod wrote of the radio show.
05/26/2015 02:55 PM
Bones found in California belong to Swedish girl missing 30 years
(Reuters) - Bones found in the Northern California foothills have been identified as belonging to a Swedish exchange student who went missing more than 33 years ago, prompting police investigators to reopen the case, a newspaper reported on Tuesday. The remains, consisting of only seven bones, were discovered in Fremont, California, in 2010 and in November were matched to 21-year-old Elisabeth Martinsson, the Marin Independent Journal reported on its website. Martinsson, of Uddevalla, Sweden, had been staying as an exchange student with a family in Greenbrae, across the San Francisco Bay from Fremont, when she was reported missing on Jan. 17, 1982.
05/26/2015 02:34 PM
Ohio man posts message on his SUV: 'Got kidney? I need 1'

This April 27, 2015 photo shows Neal Raisman and wife Aileen posing for a photo in front of their SUV outside of the Fresenius Medical Care Campus Kidney Center in Columbus, Ohio. The Ohio man in need of a kidney donor is taking his search on the road in unusual fashion, with bright yellow letters taped to the rear window of his vehicle. (Doral Chenoweth III/Columbus Dispatch via AP) MANDATORY CREDITCOLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A man in need of a kidney donor is taking his search on the road in unusual fashion, with bright yellow letters taped to the rear window of his SUV.

05/26/2015 01:39 PM
Oh, brother: Twins charged with hurling bricks at each other
ORANGE CITY, Fla. (AP) — What are a few bricks between brothers?
Direct From The Onion
The Onion
05/26/2015 04:22 PM
American Voices: PacSun Receives Backlash For Selling Inverted American Flag T-Shirt On Memorial Day

Clothing retailer PacSun received backlash over Memorial Day weekend after selling a T-shirt featuring a black-and-white image of an upside-down American flag, which angered veterans and shoppers who found it disrespectful. What do you think?

05/26/2015 02:55 PM
Article: Hockey Fans Treated To Rare Sighting Of Zamboni Giving Birth

ANAHEIM, CA—With thousands of spectators visibly emotional after witnessing the heartwarming moment, fans at Monday night’s playoff game between the Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks were reportedly treated to the rare sight of a pregnant Zamboni giving birth. “When the Zamboni started slowing down and shaking during the intermission, I initially thought something was wrong, but then I realized it was actually in labor,” said Anaheim fan Kyle Boneta, 32, adding that, after crowning for several minutes, the motor oil–covered newborn Zamboni then fell squeegee-first from its exhausted mother’s underside and onto the Ducks logo at center ice. “He eventually got up and tried to move around, but he was wobbling a lot because his wheels were so small. The whole thing was beautiful, especially seeing the little guy follow his mother around as they resurfaced the ice before the third period. It was really adorable ...

05/26/2015 02:52 PM
News: 2.8-Million-Year-Old Cycle Of Human Cruelty Continues Unabated On Elementary School Playground

HAMILTON, OH—Following in the same patterns of viciousness and savagery that have persisted since the dawn of mankind, the 2.8-million-year-old cycle of human cruelty reportedly continued unabated Tuesday on the playground of Hamilton Elementary School.

As the students of Hamilton Elementary attacked and tormented one another on the school’s four-square courts and atop the jungle gym, sources confirmed they exhibited the same aggressive, spiteful, and often ruthlessly violent behavior inherent in humans since the earliest bands of Homo habilis began to fight among themselves ages ago.

“I hate you, Aaron!” said third-grader Joshua Stevens during the 30-minute recess period, displaying the hostility and senseless brutality that are a fundamental part of his genetic makeup and shared by billions of his ancestors, who even in prehistoric times mercilessly set upon their fellow hominids at the slightest provocation. “You’re stupid and I hate you.”

As corroborated by playground ...

05/26/2015 01:28 PM
Commentary: It’s Terrifying To Think That In 1,000 Years, All Of Us Will Be Forgotten Except For Me

We all want to believe that our lives have meaning and purpose, that our actions can have a lasting impact on the world around us. But on the grand scale of the universe, a human life passes in the blink of an eye, all remembrance of it lost like a grain of sand on an endlessly shifting beach. Terrifying though it may be, the reality we must all face up to is that 1,000 years from now, every one of us will be forgotten except for me, Bill Paxton.

It’s simply a humbling fact of existence that, unless you were the beloved star of both Twister and A Simple Plan, every memory of you will one day vanish in the mists of time.

This is a hard truth to accept. We each spend our life at the center of our own private universe, believing our thoughts and actions ...

05/26/2015 01:16 PM
American Voices: Study: Skipping Meals May Lead To Belly Fat

Contradicting the belief that skipping meals can lead to a slimmer waist, a new study has found that opting out of meals may actually lead to more belly fat because it confuses the body’s metabolic processes and leads it to produce extra glucose that is stored as fat. What do you think?

Headlines From UPI Odd News -
05/26/2015 04:03 PM
Demon-summoning 'Charlie Charlie Challenge' takes Twitter by storm
Ben Hooper
WASHINGTON, May 26 (UPI) -- The "Charlie Charlie Challenge," a craze sweeping Twitter and social media platforms, features teens using pencils in an attempt to summon a Mexican demon.
05/26/2015 02:22 PM
Illinois couple welcome their 100th grandchild
Ben Hooper
QUINCY, Ill., May 26 (UPI) -- An Illinois couple nearing their 60th wedding anniversary announced they have welcomed their 100th grandchild into the family.
05/26/2015 02:12 PM
Hillary Clinton introduces a pantsuit tee on online campaign store
Germaine Benson
WASHINGTON, May 26 (UPI) -- Hillary Clinton is offering her famous trend to the masses.
05/26/2015 01:46 PM
72,000 ladybugs released into Maryland school for senior prank
Ben Hooper
MORGANZA, Md., May 26 (UPI) -- Authorities in Maryland said a group of high school students were arrested for a senior prank that released 72,000 ladybugs into their school.
05/26/2015 01:41 PM
Beekeeper in China covered with record-breaking 240 pounds of bees
Elizabeth Shim
BEIJING, May 26 (UPI) -- A Chinese beekeeper broke a world record by covering himself with 240 pounds of squirming bees.
05/26/2015 01:11 PM
Motorcycle bursts into flames during burnout attempt
Ben Hooper
ZDUNSKA WOLA, Poland, May 26 (UPI) -- A video from a motorcycle event in Poland shows a biker's burnout attempt go up in flames when his smoking back tire sparks a fire.
Cracked: All Posts
05/26/2015 03:00 AM
Cracked Responds To The Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Trailer
By CRACKED Staff  Published: May 26th, 2015 

05/26/2015 03:00 AM
5 Ridiculous Works Of Highbrow Erotic Fan Fiction
By Mark Hill  Published: May 26th, 2015 

05/26/2015 03:00 AM
4 Reasons A Termite Infestation Is Absolutely Terrifying
By Luis Prada  Published: May 26th, 2015 RSS
05/27/2015 12:41 AM
U.S. kicks preemptive goal against FIFA [NewsFlash]
NewsFlash [link] [99 comments]

05/27/2015 12:39 AM
According to the report, as police were removing him from the plane, he was yelling, "Y'all are dicks" [Dumbass]
Dumbass [link] [16 comments]

05/26/2015 11:06 PM
You can sleep tight knowing that the IRS is so secure that only 100,000 records were stolen in the latest hack [Fail]
Fail [link] [19 comments]

05/26/2015 10:56 PM
This handy new calculator shows how much you could have made if you'd invested in the stock market instead of paying for your wedding [PSA]
PSA [link] [40 comments]

05/26/2015 10:14 PM
Man and his best friend decide to test a bulletproof vest. Since you're reading this on Fark, you know how it ends [Fail]
Fail [link] [104 comments]

05/26/2015 10:12 PM
What everybody seems to be forgetting is that Australia never gets cold enough for the Gorillas to freeze to death [Dumbass]
Dumbass [link] [13 comments]

05/26/2015 09:54 PM
7 adorable animals that will mercilessly murder you dead to death (not a slideshow) [Scary]
Scary [link] [9 comments]

05/26/2015 08:33 PM
Marine who fought in Iwo Jima gets back a Japanese regiment flag he captured in the battle. Bonus: Subby's first kiss was with his granddaughter [Sappy]
Sappy [link] [49 comments]

05/26/2015 08:22 PM
"Officer I will even lick your butt hole" [Amusing]
Amusing [link] [82 comments]

05/26/2015 08:00 PM
Photoshop this volcanic reflection [Photoshop]
Photoshop [link] [18 comments]

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